Every Object Tells A Story 05.21

George V Silver Table Lighter

When seeking a daily dose of inspiration, collectors need to look no further than our immediate surroundings. Whether we collect art glass and find ourselves mesmerized by the whimsies of a studio piece by Toan Klein or gain a sense of appreciation by admiring the asymmetrical form of a Louis XV-style commode, the awareness and recognition of our treasured pieces bring us joy. And while the exchange of pleasantries with friends and family over a delightful brunch or a hearty dinner seem to be in short supply these days, these seemingly uneventful occurrences will once more provide us with opportunities to absorb our surroundings and the objects that help set the stage, or in this case, the table. Photographed here is a George V silver table lighter, which has been playfully modelled as an imp. This mischievous creature of Germanic folklore bears the hallmarks of Philip Hanson Abbot and dates to 1911. Abbot’s initials can be found on everything from sterling silver goblets to master salts, baskets, caddy spoons and yes, even table lighters in the form of an attendant to the gods.

Philip Hanson Abbot Silver Imp Candle (1)
Hallmarks for Philip Hanson Abbot, Birmingham, 1911.
Measures 2 ¾ in. (7 cm.)